My work is centered on examining habitual behavior through cybernetic processes. Evolving societal habits of media consumption have lead to behavioral shifts as the need to interact through technology takes precedence. I create performance videos depicting myself in a broad range of conditions. The inherent need to record and observe claims precedence over the content. To relate this estrangement to the viewer, the footage is broken into hundreds of clips, reordered, and then layered. The 33 layers of footage emphasize my obsessive examinations. The footage is paused at 3 minutes, 33 seconds, and 33 frames, providing the viewer with a moment of pause where the compulsion and the content of the footage unite. The number 3 as well as its multiples, references the infancy of these tendencies, which is rooted in my childhood. Driven by my habitual nature, physical processes such as screen-printing are introduced, providing further departure through increased objectivity. The original imagery is broken down through successive layers. Every layer is different from another and never repeated. Use of color reflects the departure occurring from the original footage. Influenced by cybernetics, performance art, chance operations, and systems art, my work focuses on the altered perceptions developed through compulsion.

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